AB Flight Offers Free Advertising To Help Transitioning Pilots

For Immediate Release

December 23, 2010


Aviators Hot Line is proud to announce that AB Flight has joined its Light Sport Transition Program, "Aviators Helping Aviators"

AB Flight is now authorized to offer Pilots who are transitioning into Light Sport from a general aviation aircraft, free marketing and advertising of their current aircraft, to help reduce the burden and cost of freeing up resources to be able to purchase one of their LSA.

AB Flight specializes in Light Sport Aviation Training, Sales, Parts and Services. AB Flight is a U.S. distributor for the Evektor SportStar line of aircraft.  Visit their websiteemail  or call (610) 762-9909 today to schedule a demo flight or to have any questions you may have answered by their knowledgeable and professional staff.   And if you are Transitioning and have to sell your current aircraft, make sure to take advantage of the free advertising they now offer as a member of "Aviators Helping Aviators".


Evektor SportStar



In addition to being an Evektor aircraft dealer, AB Flight consists of professional and attentive flight instructors who specialize in providing light sport flight training and ground instruction in your aircraft or theirs. Their Chief Flight Instructor Art Tarola is a Pilot Examiner with over 6000 hours of flight time and one who understands and values the trust, patience and integrity a student pilot requires.


AB Flight, LLC
Queen City Airport (KXLL)
Allentown, PA 18103
(610) 762-9909
Click on the cover below to check out AB Flight's  "Aviators Helping Aviators" Member profile featured in Light Aviation Edition's December 2010 issue:





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