Aircraft Spruce Announces New Experimental Aircraft Cabin Heater


Aircraft Spruce President Jim Irwin said, "we are pleased to include the Neat Heater, manufactured by Light Sport Technologies, to our vast line of products specific to the experimental aircraft enthusiast.  We see the "Neat Heater" as an excellent addition to our product line and to those looking for an economical way of heating their cockpit".

The Neat Heater is compact in size measuring less than eight inches square and 4 inches in depth. The 300 CFM fan draws only 3.4 amps. This heat system, designed specifically for Light Sport & Ultralight Aircraft, installs easily in any aircraft with a liquid cooled power plant.

The Neat Heater is available for $372.00 by contacting Aircraft Spruce at 1-877-4SPRUCE or online at