American Legend Aircraft Company Offers Garmin G3X™ Glass Cockpit Legend Smart Cub G3

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Contact: Kurt Sehnert, 903.885.7000,

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS, APRIL 15, 2010 - American Legend Aircraft Company announced today the introduction of its Legend Smart Cub G3--a certified light-sport aircraft equipped with the new Garmin G3X™ multi-function display. The Legend Smart Cub G3 features next-generation avionics in one of aviation’s most revered designs. The first customer delivery of a Legend Smart Cub G3 is expected later this month.

Available now, the Legend Smart Cub G3 features an integrated Garmin G3X™ “glass cockpit” system combining full primary flight display functions, such as attitude/directional guidance, along with electronic engine monitoring and detailed moving-map capabilities. The Legend Smart Cub G3 instrument panel also includes a Garmin SL-40 Com, GTX 327 transponder, PS Engineering PM1200 intercom. Backup primary flight and engine instruments are optionally available. The Legend Smart Cub G3 can also be equipped with a GX Pilot autopilot from TruTrak Flight Systems.

Billed as “Highly Evolved, Not Highly Expensive”, the Garmin G3X™ provides true multi-function capabilities on a large, seven-inch diagonal display. Key features of the G3X™ that enhance the Legend Smart Cub G3 include the ability to display detailed electronic charts and real time weather directly on the instrument panel. The Garmin G3X™ controls are a combination of soft touch keys and a joystick on its bezel--features borrowed from the successful GPSMAP 696 and GDU 370/375 series. The teaming of the Garmin G3X™ and the Legend Cub brings sophistication to simplicity, giving the Sport Pilot the best flying experience possible.

Kurt Sehnert, GM of American Legend Aircraft Company, commented, “This is an exciting introduction for American Legend. We have always been on the forefront of offering the latest in avionics in the Legend Cub. We have equipped a large number of aircraft with advanced avionics such as the Dynon EFIS, TruTrak EFIS, and Garmin GPSMAP-series. Customers are excited to have these capabilities on a Legend Cub. It allows them to fly at night and provides real-time display of weather, terrain, METARS, NOTAMS, PIREPS, traffic, and more.” Sehnert added, “Flying a Legend Cub with state-of-the-art electronics provides superior situational awareness, AND its fun! The new Garmin G3X™ adds greatly to the enjoyment of flying for sport and recreation.”

The Legend Cub is a two-place, single engine piston-powered aircraft designed to meet Light-Sport Aircraft category certification requirements. See the Legend Cub on display at Sun ‘n Fun 2010 in booth #MD-10 on the flight line.  American Legend continues to be a leader in the industry in bringing new technology to light-sport aircraft.

For further information on the Legend Cub, contact American Legend Aircraft Company at 1810 Piper Lane, Sulphur Springs, Texas, 75482; call 903-885-7000; or log on to

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