Central Florida Pilots Flock to Leesburg International Airport for Continuing Education

Pilots came to Leesburg International Airport in Leesburg, Florida on Saturday October 21, 2017 to attend the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 534 Fly-In.

They came by plane and by car to hear a presentation by Rock Rockcastle an instructor representing the Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team. He talked about the Wings Pilot Proficiency Program and why the Air Traffic Control personnel can be your best friends in an emergency as well as helping you enjoy a safe flight.

Rockcastle has many years’ experience with the FAA, as a Certified Flight Instructor, and an instructor with Simcom Flight Training Centers.  Simcom specializes in the use of aircraft simulators from general aviation Cessnas to air transport Boeing 747s.

Rock stated “don’t be embarrassed or worry about asking ATC for help even if it is a simple case of being lost. It is always best to ask for help before the emergency turns into disaster. ATC has people and tools at their disposal to help pilots out of tough situations”.

Acquiring a private pilot’s license is just the beginning of a long continuing education process if one wants to do what is necessary to stay proficient. Besides the fact that accumulating hours as the pilot in control of an aircraft adds to your skill set, pilots are still required to have periodic reviews by certified flight instructors and continued study if they wish to become certified to fly different types of aircraft or increase proficiency to air transport pilot.

The day started out at the airport administration building for coffee, donuts and a meet and greet before the formal presentation. After Rock’s talk, which was spiced with many amusing flying yarns, the group gathered at the EAA Chapter 534 hangar for a barbeque lunch served up by the chapter members.

The fly-In was not just another reason for pilots to meet, have a lunch and swap flying stories but to also honor their commitment to flying safely through continuing education.

If you would like to learn more about the Experimental Aircraft Association or its local chapter in Leesburg, Florida you may go to the following web sites - www.eaachapter534.org or www.eaa.org.