Chipper Offers Metal Wing Option; Now Quick Build Time Estimates Updated to 350 Hours

May 17, 2018 - Wichita KS - The Chipper STOL, a two place EAB aircraft kit from Belite Enterprises, is now available with a metal wing option.  This option substantially reduces build time, reduces drag, improves performance and will improve the resale value of Chippers.

The metal wing option is offered for $1320.  Application of the metal skins is bonded by the builder in a simple process which may be done in four hours per wing skin.  The net weight difference adds 15 pounds to the aircraft.

In comparison to conventional fabric, the builder will save several hundred hours of time.

Build time estimates have been changed for Chipper.  With metal skins, total build time is now estimated at 700 hours.  With purchase of a Quick Build kit and by having Builder Assist install the skins, estimated build time is reduced to 350 hours.  The FAA has certified the Quick Build kit as compliant with amateur build rules.

Wiebe made comments about the utility and performance of Chipper: "Typical finished weight of a metal Chipper is 625 to 630 pounds with a Rotax engine and 21" tires.  Useful load is greater than 600 pounds, and engines up to 120 HP may be used.  With my upgraded Rotax, I'm cruising at about 92 knots with huge tundra tires and long Alaska main / tail gear @ 5.4 GPH.  Furthermore, my Chipper is set up with nearly 50 gallons of usable fuel, allowing a remarkable 8 hour range.  This has aided my flying into remote wilderness in northern Canada and Alaska," Wiebe continued.

The first Chipper recently passed the 200 hour milestone on James' flight to Alaska.  Chipper was shown at the Alaska Airman show and is planned to show again at Talkeetna on May 19 / 20, weather permitting.

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Belite Enterprises manufactures the experimental aircraft, the Chipper, through Chipper Aerospace; and through RADIANT Technology, develops innovative instrumentation for aircraft.