Dublin Municipal Airport Begins Selling Swift Fuels Unleaded UL94 Avgas for Piston Aircraft

DUBLIN, Texas, March 12, 2018 - Dublin Municipal Airport announced today that it will begin selling unleaded UL94 aviation gas for piston aircraft in collaboration with Swift Fuels, LLC, a global leader in the development of high-performance unleaded aviation gasoline. Utilizing a specialized fuel dispensing unit, Swift Fuels will be the only on-site fuel distributed at Dublin Airport, which is located approximately 100 miles southwest of Dallas/Fort Worth. This timely announcement comes just days before Dublin Airport’s St. Patrick’s Day Fly-in event, taking place on March 16-17 at the airport.  Gyroplanes and Piper Comanche Aircraft will be featured at the event, though all pilots are welcome to participate.

The nationwide transition to unleaded aviation gasoline continues to pick-up momentum for Swift Fuels, which distributes the only commercially-available UNLEADED avgas, UL94, to more than 50 airports and private users across the United States.  Dublin represents the first airport in Texas to embrace the change and recognize the need for the piston aircraft to transition to unleaded fuel.

Brad Stanford, the Dublin airfield manager, had this to say about Swift Fuels’ breakthrough unleaded fuel, “As we began our airport revitalization efforts, I began looking for a fuel product that would serve a majority of the piston engine fleet, while making a statement that Dublin, Texas, was looking to the future. I polled the light sport pilots about mogas, and discovered that there was no viable mogas option tailor-made (and insured!) for piston aircraft use throughout the central Texas corridor. During that conversation, one of the reps for the Bush Cat LSA suggested that I contact Swift Fuels, so I did. I discovered this FAA-approved, ethanol-free, unleaded aviation gas, and I knew we had to have it. We’re excited to be on the cutting edge of aviation to be first in offering Swift UL94 to the state of Texas."

Swift Fuels CEO, Chris D’Acosta commented, “We are working with regulators, aircraft/engine OEMs, pilots, airports, municipalities, airport boards and supply chain folks as a part of a multi-year initiative to educate the market on the vast benefits of unleaded avgas. The business leaders at forward-thinking, early-adopters like Brad Stanford at Dublin recognize the growing demand for cleaner fuel options for their customers, and they are playing an integral role in the transition.  As an industry, we could no longer allow leaded fuel to continue to damage to our customers’ aircraft, as well as continue to harm our environment. We are extremely proud to have our UL94 avgas available for piston aircraft use at Dublin.”

Swift Fuel’s Unleaded 94 MON avgas is sold nationwide - priced competitively with 100LL and is expected to remain low subject to oil market volatility.   Note: UL94 is not a full replacement for 100LL, therefore, only those aircraft with engine / airframes requiring 94 motor-octane fuels or lower are compatible – which represents 65% of the US piston fleet. For more information about UL94 and the latest listing of airports with Swift Fuels UL94 available, please visit:  www.swiftfuels.com

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About Swift Fuels
Since 2012, Swift Fuels has become a global leader in the advancement of high-performance unleaded aviation fuels.  This includes the commercial deployment of UL94 - a 94 motor octane aviation gasoline that meets ASTM D7547 for lower octane aircraft. Our company’s focus now includes advancing efforts to finalize the FAA’s certification of our high-octane fuels via the FAA's Piston Aviation Fuel Initiative (PAFI) for use in all airplanes currently fueled by 100LL.  Swift Fuels looks forward to a day when toxic lead will be permanently removed from fueling piston-engine aircraft through the roll-out of our high-performance unleaded aviation gasolines.  For more information, visit https://swiftfuels.com/