Florida Company Announces Aviation Head Up Display

Portable system brings life-saving technology to 312,000 General Aviation pilots
Avionics Developer Demonstrates Resurgence of Florida High Tech

January 15, 2013; Port St Lucie, FL—Fourth Rock LLC of Florida announced a launch date for its new aviation Head Up Display. The company plans to show a prototype of the Skywriter™ HUD at Sun ’n Fun aviation show in Lakeland, Florida in April 2013.

The Head Up Display or HUD shows selected data on a transparent screen or directly on the windshield in front of the pilot. This relieves him of the distraction of switching his attention between a 3-dimensional streaming view of the sky and a continuous hunt for numeric and graphical panel instruments.

The importance of this advantage is emphasized during critical periods of flight such as landing and takeoff, when the HUD relieves the pilot of having to continuously divide his attention between the sky and numerous instruments, procedures, maps and airport charts.

In a documented study, the Flight Safety Foundation examined 1,000 aircraft accidents, concluding that use of a Head Up Display could have avoided up to 38% of them.

“Adaptation of this technology in private aircraft has lagged primarily due to price,” says Skywriter founder, Richard Herbst. “A factory-installed HUD for a Gulfstream Five costs over $70,000.” Herbst points out that these military-scale prices are absolutely keeping the technology out of privately-owned aircraft, depriving pilots of a significant margin of safety.

“The architecture of aircraft instrumentation has changed little in over 50 years,” he said. “Pilots are flying behind increasingly complex panels contending with traffic, weather, airspace and air traffic control, not to mention complex aircraft systems. Yet more, not less of their time is spent head-down monitoring instruments, away from the sky they are flying in.

” Skywriter is a portable system that can be moved between aircraft and installed in minutes. Its unique interface allows it to be linked to existing instruments in the cockpit as well as to hand-held portables. Herbst concludes, “Skywriter brings a powerful and life-saving technology within range of more than 312,000 privately-owned General Aviation aircraft at a fraction of the cost of a factory-installed HUD.”

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