IRG Creates a New Entity to Better Serve the Aviation Industry

Philadelphia, PA: Ken Cage, President of Operations for International Recovery Group, announced that his company has created a new corporation to better serve the aviation community.  The company is called Aviation Sales & Consulting Group, Inc and the focus of the company will be retail sales and consulting of aircraft of all types throughout the world.

Over the years, IRG has consistently been able to sell distressed aircraft for well above asking prices.  IRG attributes this to several factors. First is the exposure the company has received from Cage’s role in the hit television show “Airplane Repo” on Discovery.  Second is the exposure the company has received as the first company ever to hold the national aircraft and vessel contracts with the federal government.  Third, and perhaps most important, is the method IRG has designed to sell aircraft faster and for more money.

“This idea came to us when I posted recent sales results on social media” said Cage.  “Retail brokers commented that our results were too good to duplicate.  We continued to track our results and saw that we were consistently achieving results other brokers said we could not.  Based on the results, we felt we had to expand our services.”

Cage says it isn’t just the sales prices that industry people are impressed with.  It is the incredible turnaround time on the sales that has opened eyes.  “On our last 12 sales, for example, we have achieved 137% of the asking price on average.  More importantly, every sale was completed in just 20 days” says Cage.  “No other company can compete with that.  This not only gets the seller more on the sale, but saves then tens of thousands of dollars in expenses due to the quick sale.”

The reason is the sales process that is much more aggressive in nature than the normal passive broker approach.  “We can afford to be more aggressive because we are the most known name in aviation brokerage in the world.  People in every country know IRG and know Ken” says Bob Weeks, President of Sales for ASCG, Inc.  “As a result, I worked with some people to design the sales process that begins with getting an honest market price and finishes with a quick sale that sellers are thrilled with.”

Weeks says he has spoken to several companies who have aircraft to sell, but do not now how to get a fair market value.  “We have spoken to several and they love the process and the results.  The only concern was the perception that comes with a “repo company” selling their retail assets.  Creating a retail entity to sell luxury assets allows us to continue to use the proven process while shedding the negative perception.”

ASCG, Inc also announced a partnership with Airborne Services, a Dallas, TX based company that provides aviation services to companies all over the globe.  Airborne has developed a large clientele in Latin America and has targeted that area as an area of need for ASCG’s services.  “I have known about IRG for some time from the television show.  I immediately thought they would be a good partner for Airborne” said Airborne Business Development Director Marcus McCarty.  “They are outstanding at selling airplanes in particular and that is the one service we wanted to offer to our clients.  This is a way for Airborne to continue offering the best service possible to our clients.  Ken and Bob’s willingness to make the adjustment that our clients want shows why IRG is the only name in specialty repossessions.”

To find out more about ASCG, please contact Bob Weeks at or Ken Cage at