Join RANS at Oshkosh, Build a Rudder in about 90 Minutes

Tuesday through Saturday (July 24-28) at Airventure Oshkosh 2018, join Randy Schlitter, Eddie Gil, and fellow builders at 10:00 a.m., and see how easy it is to build a perfect rudder for your new S-21 Outbound.  You’ll be finished before lunch!

RANS is proud of its new fast-build technology that isn’t just quick – it yields perfect parts and requires little practice! One visitor to the factory was impressed. He said, “It’s so easy, even a Millennial can watch you do it!” Okay… and the finished product will fly with the renowned manners of a RANS build.

The S-21 Outbound is the latest model from RANS, featuring all metal construction in a high-wing, side-by-side seating STOL plane with cross-country speed and ample payload.

The RANS exhibit is located in the North Static Display, near the Warbirds, in spaces 620-621.