Local EAA Airplane Builders Visit Aircraft Salvage Business

The Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 534, based at the Leesburg International Airport visited an aircraft salvage business on Saturday November 19, 2016 at the airport.

Flying Colors Air Parts, owned by Alexis James and John Francis, is located at the Leesburg International Airport and has been in business for about three years. They specialize in aircraft recovery and transportation of severely damaged planes. These airplanes will then be stripped for undamaged parts that can be resold for repairing airworthy planes and to home builders like the EAA folks who are always looking for aircraft parts at reasonable prices.

This salvage company has a very large hangar where they accumulate aviation parts, photograph them, assign code numbers to them, and store them on shelves where they can easily be found. They also have a large storage area in Leesburg where they store fuselages that they have removed from crash sites around the country and are then cannibalized for good parts.  Their web site is www.flyingcolorsairparts.com

EAA Chapter 534 members are currently building a Pietenpol Air Camper and a Tm-5, so there was a lot of interest on the part of the group to see what kinds of aviation parts were available. Several of the chapter members are also working on aircraft building projects of their own.

If you would like more information about EAA Chapter 534 you may go to the following web site. www.534.eaachapter.org

EAA Chapter 534 member Robert Vaughn checks out a couple of used aircraft engines available for sale at Flying Colors Air Parts.
EAA Chapter 534 member Paul Adrien checks out the condition of an aluminum wing spar at the salvage yard.
EAA Chapter Vice President John Weber contemplates a restoration project.