New Belite Designs

NEW! Easy Access Cabin

We recently redesigned the entry access of our Belite UltraCub and made it a lot larger. We call it our "Easy Access Cabin." A customer came to Wichita to see if they could get in and out of the cabin. He recently had a hip replacement! He got in and out without any trouble! And bought the kit.  Look how big the near side door opening is compared to the opposite side.

Q: What can 158 grams of aluminum support?
A: More than 100 pounds!

When you select the right material, you can support a lot of weight with very little structure. Here's a doubled aluminum square tube holding a weight of 80 pounds at a moment (distance) of 16 inches. This is simulating a load on a rudder spar tube. To meet the requirement in this Belite Aircraft part, it had to hold about 65 pounds. It was tested to failure, which occurred between 100 and 110 pounds.


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