Sensenich Propellers: Turning Horsepower into Thrust since 1932.


Since 1932, Sensenich has produced state of the art propellers for airplanes. Their industry-leading wood, metal, and now also composite propellers power everything from military drones and light sport aircraft, to homebuilts, classics, and modern grocery-getters – and the technology transfers into high-power airboats, where Sensenich has another large and loyal following.

Wood props are a staple of the industry, and move the majority of smaller classic and vintage airplanes; and Sensenich is “right on the nose” of Cubs, Chiefs, Ercoupes, and dozens of other classics, both the originals and the newly-reproduced. The classic brass leading edge and flush rivets look romantic – and still work great.

Sensenich metal props are favorites of myriad “spam cans,” providing reliable, low-cost transport for small businesses and thousands of private flyers, from students to the old pros who spend more time in the air than on the road.

The newest line of Sensenich props are ground-adjustable, featuring true carbon-fiber construction, with sealed hollow “I-beam” blades, metal leading edges, and a unique pin-indexing system that ensures proper blade-to-blade matching, at any desired pitch.

Two-blade composite designs match Rotax 912/914, Jabiru 4 and 6-cylinder, TCM O-200, and Lycoming  O-320 power, with more in the works. There is even a three-blade design for the Rotax 912 series.

Sensenich repairs and refurbishes its props, as well, often offering refurbished propellers at considerable savings.

Sensenich works with OEMs large and small, in all its technologies, to develop the prop best-suited for the craft and the customer.

As leading edge technology has evolved, so have its requirements: from rain, dust, and sand in the air, to spray, tackle, and occasionally drink cans on the water, Sensenich technology has kept pace with the demands.

So, when you need a prop, check Sensenich first!