Shark Floats are Back, Lighter and Stronger than Ever!

Lachute, January 15, 2019 – BDC Aero Industrie Inc is proud to present the all-new Shark Floats Series IV, after 3 years of research and development. Keeping the original shape of the Series III, this new product is built with an Advanced Monolithic Structure and formulated Epoxy.

The new Epoxy/Lamination schedule dramatically reduces the weight and increases the strength under extreme load and fatigue. The 1600 model completed with bulkheads and attachments is less than 156lbs on a straight configuration, and 205lbs for the amphibious version.

For all your hunting and fishing trips, the Series IV on the 1600 model has a compartment on each side of 16,100 in³ situated on the CG area with an opening hatch of 20.5"x11".

The floats are also equipped with a light automatic vacuum bilge pump to remove any water and condensation from inside the hull.

Humberto Dramisino, President of BDC Aero Industrie said "After many years of research, we are proud to have developed a unique product that stands out of the crowd in terms of weight and performance, which will minimize the loss of useful load on the Light Sport category".

The introductory price is $18,000 CDN for the straight floats and $25,000 CDN for the amphibious floats.

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