Speak Live with WW2 Veteran Pathfinder in Advance of 75th Anniversary of D-Day

Pathfinder pilot Dave Hamilton will share his experiences, from Normandy to Market Garden, paving the way for the launch of The D-Day Squadron, an historic effort to cross the Atlantic with a fleet of WW2 aircraft to commemorate the largest seaborne invasion in history.

Pilots like Dave were the tip of the spear, flying into the dark of night to drop specialized Pathfinder units that were the first boots on the ground of the D-Day invasion. Dave will share his experiences as a pathfinder pilot for Normandy, Operation Dragoon in Southern France and Operation Market Garden in Holland.

Joining Dave will be Eric Zipkin, pilot of the lead aircraft of the D-Day Squadron, Placid Lassie, and Andy Maag pilot of Squadron aircraft “That’s All Brother,” which led the main wave of the initial airborne assault on Normandy. These pilots will discuss the challenges of flying 70+ year-old aircraft to some of the most remote locations in the Northern Hemisphere as part of the original Blue Spruce Route used during the war. This includes a departure from Oxford, Connecticut (KOXC); stopping to refuel in Goose Bay Airport (CYYR) in Newfoundland, Canada, Narsarsuaq Airport (BGBW) in southern Greenland, Reykjavik Airport (BIRK) in Iceland and refueling a final time at Prestwick Airport (EPIK) on the Western coast of Scotland before making the final leg to Duxford Airfield (EGSU) north of London.

Thursday, April 18th at 11:00 E.T.
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