Stewart Systems can provide you with a complete finishing process,

Whether you are building an aluminum/composite kit, or a tube and fabric airplane. Stewart Systems waterborne process is a complete certified covering system for fabric aircraft from fabric to our EkoPoly topcoat. Our topcoats are easy to apply and even inexperienced painters can achieve a shiny and durable paint job. The Stewart Systems EkoPoly topcoat is used on all substrates to provide a perfect color match for all the different parts of your airplane. We have over 52 standard colors to meet your needs. Because Stewart System topcoats are higher in solids than most paints, you will use less paint. This is also savings in shipping charges as we are not sending you as many gallons of product! As an example, we send a total of 11 gallons and 2 quarts of product for a SuperCub sized aircraft, this includes all cleaners, etch, glue, UV block/filler coat and topcoats. We send no solvent based reducers or thinners. Stewart Systems is a ‘Green’ system, naturally low in VOCs, non-volatile and environmentally friendly. There are no obnoxious odors to contend with and no hazardous shipping fees. Stewart Systems has a complete video package ($20.00) that includes our Procedures Manual, 3 covering videos and a paint application video. We stock all of your covering and painting needs including fabric, supplies, primers and paint, covering tools and more. All are available direct from the factory or from any of our trained distributors. Please contact us for more information at 1-888 EKO-POLY (1-888-356-7659), or see us on the web at You can also email us direct at