Swift Fuels to Sell Unleaded UL94 at Showcase 2016

As a Premium Sponsor and Exclusive Provider of Unleaded UL94 avgas for the 2016 DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase, Swift Fuels has released tthis information about its participation at the 2016 Showcase, Nov. 3-5, 2016:

  • Swift Fuels will be selling its Unleaded UL94 Avgas with full service refueling onsite Nov. 3-5, 2016 for $3.95 per gallon.
  • Contact Swift Fuels during the event for all your UL94 refueling needs at:
    • Radio Frequency 122.950
    • Call (844) FLY-UL94 or (844) 359-8594
  • Swift Fuels will also be passing out fuel info/order cards with all of its contact details throughout the event; Swift will NOT be selling 100LL
  • Stop by Swift Fuels' Showcase Booth #31 to learn more about its current and future avgas products and how they benefit the aviation industry and environment.
  • Swift Fuels will present in Showcase Forum #1 on Thursday Nov. 3 at 2pm
  • Swift Fuels will present in Showcase Forum #1 on Saturday Nov. 5 at 2pm
Swift Fuels’ Unleaded 94 MON avgas (UL94) is the only unleaded aviation gasoline commercially produced in the US – it is now available nationwide. UL94 is an “all-hydrocarbon” premium gasoline, designed specifically for aircraft use, which is 100% lead-free and it contains no ethanol. It is approved for lower-octane demanding aircraft and engines, which represent up to 65% of the U.S. piston fleet. Our unleaded avgas requires no hardware modifications to the aircraft - it is “drop-in ready” for the following types of aircraft:
  • All light-sport aircraft (LSA) powered by Rotax engines approved for autogas are already manufacturer-approved to use unleaded 94 MON avgas “as-is.”
  • Aircraft placarded with autogas supplemental type certificates (Autogas STC’s) are also FAA-approved to use the 94 MON avgas “as-is.”
  • Aircraft/engine combinations that are TCDS (type certificated) for 80/87 octane avgas (or lower octane) are also approved to use UL94 “as is”.
  • Aircraft engines that demand min 91-MON or 94-MON avgas may have airframes that require an Avgas STC to use UL94; pilots can verify if their aircraft make and model are approved by visiting www.swiftfuels.com/stc. Once placarded with an Avgas STC, UL94 is good to go!
  • Aircraft engines that require min 100-MON Avgas may not use UL94.
Many experimental amateur-built and light-sport aircraft may use UL94, including this Continental O-200 powered Zenith STOL CH 750. No hardware modifications are needed to use the fuel.

Visit Swift Fuels' website for more information: www.swiftfuels.com