Turbo the Flying Dog Teaches Kids the Fun of Aviation!

Have you heard about children's book sensation, Turbo the Flying Dog, yet? Turbo, a rescue mutt from Frederick, MD, in just two and a half years he has logged over 90 hours in a small plane with his parents, who are both pilots. Not satisfied just to enjoy the wonders of flight himself, Turbo has teamed up with his best pal Olive and their moms, Victoria Zajko and Kelly Kennedy, to bring the joy of flight to kids everywhere through their book series.

The series, Turbo the Flying Dog, includes two books, Turbo the Flying Dog, and Turbo Learns to Fly. In the first book, Turbo overcomes his fear of flight to make it to his new home after being in an animal shelter. In the sequel, Turbo takes his first flight lesson with Olive, who teaches him, and young readers, the basics of flight. Kennedy and Zajko have expressed intent to continue the series, and tease that the next book will branch out to other aircraft.

"We wrote these books to share the joy of flight with kids and to get them interested in all the possibilities that general aviation opens up," Zajko said. "We're not done doing that yet so kids can look forward to many more of Turbo and Olive’s adventures!"

While they're waiting, young fans can meet Turbo and Olive at upcoming events which are listed on their website. Their next event is Paws and Planes Holiday: at the Airport, on December 12th where Turbo and Olive team up with Santa for a festive event.

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Victoria Zajko & Kelly Kennedy