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 To many pilots suffer from high frequency hearing loss. 

The Heaven's Landing March Newsletter has been posted at  

Located in Northern Indiana, and flying out of Plymouth Municipal Airport, " We Live and Breathe Helicopters” and do things Bold and Edgy !! We specialize in helicopter training but we do it our way. New, powerful, groundbreaking online checkride preparation, live one on one over the internet!! Not the same old helicopter flight school!

La Verne, California - March, 2011:

Now in their 50th year as FAA Repair Station RF3R813L (and more recently EASA.145.5554), Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. brings Quality and Innovation to new levels when it comes to the Overhaul and Recertification of aircraft oil coolers, fuel heaters, valves, condensers, and evaporators.

Cirrus Industries Inc., parent company of Cirrus Aircraft, has been sold to China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co. (CAIGA) of Zhuhai, China, but it appears the company will continue to build parts in Grand Forks, N.D., and assemble airplanes in Duluth, Minn. It has long been rumored that a Chinese company would acquire Cirrus and the final announcement was made Monday morning.

Following the recent announcement that the Quick Build Kit for the popular Breezer Light Sport is now available in the US, the company has been rewarded with plenty of lively interest.  The first two kits, which are due to arrive in the State of Florida on March 19, have already been sold, and will be delivered to their owners before the Sun and Fun show starting at the end of March.


Zurich / Switzerland, February 24, 2011 – Jet Aviation Zurich has entered into a distribution agreement with JetBed Inc., a U.S.-based provider of lightweight, portable beds for Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, Gulfstream and Learjet aircraft. The patented JetBedTM is designed to make comfortable and fully horizontal beds available on aircraft.

    Though winter has gripped much of the country with storm after storm, spring is just around the corner and things in the Light Sport world are ever changing as well. Cessna appears to be off to a healthy start, digging into the large backlog of Skycatcher orders at a healthy clip. With the pace cranking up, the airplane giant’s LSA numbers are rising quickly. It won’t take long to see if the Skycatcher will fill the flight-school ranks in numbers the 150 series once did.     

‘Turning the Tide in the Pacific Air War’ will be the subject of the Planes of Fame Air Museum’s monthly Living History Flying Event. Arrive early so you don’t miss the seminar which will describe the crucial air battles of 1942 and 1943 that turned the tide of the war in the Pacific. And stay to watch the FM-2 Wildcat fly!