Press Releases

Balance is very important for the longevity of your prop. For Immediate Release: A properly balanced engine installation offers a number of advantages over unbalanced equipment. The most significant advantage is in the longevity of components associated with the power plant. In many cases high vibration levels have lead to premature failure of critical engine components.
The Artex ELTs are in stock and ready to ship at Aircraft Spruce. The Artex ME-406 is a single output ELT. Two emergency frequencies (121.5 and 406.028 MHz) utilize the same RF output, requiring only one coax cable to connect to the new series of Artex single input antennas.
Chicago, IL June 1, 2009 – Bird-X, Inc (, the expert in humane bird and pest control products since 1964, today announced it has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau®.
We’ve been designing and building bifold doors for about 30 years now and have built units for uses that we never could have imagined back in the 80’s. We’ve listened to architects, contractors, and potential buyers, about what they expect when looking at bifolds. And we’ve learned. Below are a few issues if you consider going bifold.” Mike Schweiss, Schweiss Bifolds.
Terryville, CT May 8, 2009 – HotSeat Chassis has created a low cost Flight Simulator with a true 200+ degree field of view that delivers the “In the *censored*pit Experience”™. The HotSeat Pilot Pro boasts a vibrant triple screen display with the patented Slide Away™ design for easy entry and exit. The innovative design immerses the pilot in the *censored*pit of the aircraft with the full scope of visual flight markers.
Demand According to FAA records, over 100 Remos aircraft are registered in the United States. At the time of the writing of this article, more than a dozen were for sale in the major aircraft trade publications, around 10 percent of the total fleet. Research for this study was obtained in part from Aircraft Bluebook, Aircraft Bluebook’s Historical Value Reference, Controller, Trade-A-Plane, AeroTrader and the FAA registry web site.
Homedale, ID--Kitfox Aircraft LLC will be unveiling the Kitfox Super Sport SLSA at Sun-n-Fun in Lakeland, FL. The press conference was held on April 22, 2009 at 8:00 am in the media tent
Demand There are approximately 4,216 Piper Cherokee PA-28-180’s on the FAA Registry. Of these, approximately 25 are currently listed for sale. This equates approximately one percent of the total active fleet. Days on Market have been in the range of six months. Over the last few years, the number of Cherokee PA-28-180’s offered for trade at any given time has averaged no more than one percent of total inventory.
Corona, CA – Aircraft Spruce & Specialty will begin distributing printed copies and CD versions of their new 2009-2010 catalog at EAA’s AirVenture 2009. Now over 800 pages, the Aircraft Spruce catalog has become to aviation what the Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs were to all Americans a century ago. Few people today begin a homebuilt or restoration project without an Aircraft Spruce catalog and most people who own a certified aircraft find it invaluable for routine maintenance, upgrades, and pilot supplies.