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Sebring, FLORIDA / April 1, 2012 — Phil Lockwood’s Rotax Aircraft Engine Forum is always one of the most attended talks at major airshows. For Sun ‘n Fun, Phil is pleased to announce the forums for this season-opening event.

BARTOW, Florida—Light Sport America is expanding it’s management team and is looking for two experienced people to fill positions with the company.

For over 30 years Schweiss Doors has manufactured quality hydraulic and bifold doors for all building applications. Schweiss Doors has earned “brand name” recognition in the aeronautical industry, agricultural, commercial, and industrial sectors worldwide.

Schweiss One-Piece Hydraulic Doors with Red Power pumps and spherical bearings and patented Bifold Liftstrap/Autolatch are unparalleled in the industry. Schweiss Doors ensures a perfect fit for any building or hangar without loss of headroom. No opening is too big or too small for Schweiss Doors.

March 28th, 2013 – Electric powered aircraft SportStar EPOS made its first flight from the Kunovice airport in Czech Republic today. The aircraft was piloted by Evektor's factory pilot Radek Surý. After taxiing tests at 8:25 am, the aircraft took off for its first test flight. After a short, approximately ten-minute flight, it landed successfully and a second flight followed immediately afterwards. The total time when the aircraft was powered by an electric motor reached about 30 minutes.

Angelina Air would like to welcome our newest salesperson, Perla Su Diaz. Perla Su speaks English, Spanish, and some Portuguese. She loves fishing in the Amberjack and Blue Atlantic off of Pompano Beach; loves flying and has spent many hours in the Quaser-Lite LSA, G-35 Bonanza, h-35 Bonanza, A-36 Bonanza, 690 Commander and Citation Ultra.

Experience the Bahamas
Monday, April 22, 2013
Sabal Palm Conference Room

How will Control Tower Closures
Affect YOUR Flight Operations?

U.S. Map displaying the locations of the 149 airport control towers scheduled for closure in April, 2013

Now that the Federal Aviation Administration ("FAA") had made public its list of air traffic control tower closures, the inevitable questions are starting to be heard—what does this mean for aircraft safety and will there be cancelled flights, possible delays and other flight-related issues?

Since 1990 Select Airparts is your source for genuine Hawker-Beechcraft parts at reasonable prices. As one of the largest independent Hawker-Beechcraft parts suppliers in the world their inventory covers all models from Musketeer through Hawker 800’s. They also carry de-icing equipment for most general aviation aircraft.

Technology for Energy Corporation
Aviation Division
ACES Systems
Telephone: 865 671-2003, Web:
Contact: Sarah Robertson, Direct Line: 865-218-5869


The Aviation Division of Technology for Energy Corporation (TEC) is excited about the release of their latest upgrade to the portable helicopter blade tracking devices, with the introduction of the ACES Model 550 TraX. The TraX contains the latest technology in the field of hand held Trackers, with the innovation of Hands Free operation. This bold step in Hands Free operation is not only innovative, it is a resource saver. The TraX reduces the time to complete a typical rotor tracking application, while also decreasing fuel consumption and cycles. The TraX coupled with any of the current ACES Systems Analyzers (2015, 2020 or 4040) puts you ahead of your competitors in the Rotor Tracking business.

Launch at Sun N Fun International Fly-In Expo 2013

Carrara, Italy - March 26th, 2013: AvMap, the Italian manufacturer of GPS since 1994, presents the A2 ADAHRS module (Air data, Attitude and Heading Reference System) that turns the EKP V’s 7” display into an EFIS.<--break->