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The main metal brackets that capture the wing spar for the wing hinge beam went through two re-designs, as the parts were becoming very expensive to manufacture. Our business plan includes making this vehicle affordable as well as functional, so we took the time to re-visit this and finally got the cost cut more than half for the same function and dependability. Now the push is on to have them made and on the vehicle!

Sandersville, GA May 15, 2015: Kaolin Aviation has contracted to design and produce firewall-forward (FWF) kits for popular kit-built aircraft, to make the choice of ULPower engines easier, when the OEM airframer has not yet developed a FWF installation.

Three new board members were voted in by WAI members at the association’s annual membership meeting held during its annual conference. Voting included reelecting two current board members for another three-year term.  The newly-elected board members include:

May 12, 2015: Fort Worth, TX: The Flying Musicians Association is again the proud recipient of a 2015 Wolf Aviation Fund grant to assist in strengthening the bonds between aviation and music in the FMA's programs that enhance outreach and education.

May 12, 2015: Fort Worth, TX: The Flying Musicians Association announces that once again members will be on the ramp at each AOPA Fly-In across the country beginning this Saturday at Salinas, CA (KSNS).

EAA AVIATION CENTER, OSHKOSH, Wisconsin — (May 11, 2015)EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 attendees will enjoy a better atmosphere and experience to see some of the rare, legendary aircraft of the past century as the Vintage Aircraft Association has commenced a major expansion of its Red Barn headquarters and Vintage Plaza complex for this year’s fly-in.

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MARCUS HOOK, Pa.  – On May 15 Sunoco, Inc. and Sunoco Logistics will honor Civil Air Patrol veterans from the Philadelphia area with replica Congressional Gold Medals for their service during World War II.

HECTOR, Minn., May 6, 2015 – There’s nothing more frustrating than when you discover someone scratched or rubbed against your vehicle or aircraft because it was parked too close to another while in storage. John Obradovich, owner of All Inside Storage of Indio, California, describes this phenomena as “hangar rash.”

New Richmond, WI – Since introducing the first modern aircraft diesel engine developed from a “clean sheet” design at AirVenture last summer, Engineered Propulsion Systems (EPS), has been busy. They have completed Phase One of their flight testing program, added staff, production facilities, sophisticated tooling and will soon be launching advanced tests with pre-production engines.