Aircraft For Sale Listings

The Aircraft For Sale directory allows potential buyers to search through all airplanes for sale on Aviators Hot Line. The aircraft listed in the directory can be sorted by aircraft type, state, year or even price. Sortable aircraft features include aircraft type, make and model, state and year. Prices, photos and registration numbers are also available on many of the airplanes for sale. The directory also provides the user the ability to filter aircraft listings based on specific criteria such as aircraft make, model and price. If you have an aircraft for sale and would like it added to our aircraft for sale directory, contact us.

*The State field does not necessarily represent where the aircraft is currently located.

Aircraft Aircraft Type State* Year Aircraft Pricesort icon
Team Mini-Max Hi-Max Team Mini-Max Hi-Max Nevada $5,000
Fisher FP202 Koala Fisher FP202 Koala California 1994 $8,000
M-Squared Breese XL Alabama $10,000
Corby Starlet CJ-1 Corby Starlet CJ-1 Michigan 2002 $12,000
American Aerolites Falcon XP American Aerolites Falcon XP Alabama $12,500
CGS Hawk Arrow Plus CGS Hawk Arrow Plus Georgia $12,500
Bushmaster II Bushmaster II Florida 1998 $15,999
Cessna 150H Cessna 150H Pennsylvania 1968 $17,000
M-Squared Breese 2 Alabama $17,500
Steen Skybolt Project Steen Skybolt Project Massachusetts 1980 $17,500
Culver Cadet C85-12 Culver Cadet C85-12 Michigan 1940 $17,999
Thatcher CX4 Tri-Gear Thatcher CX4 Tri-Gear New Hampshire 2011 $18,000
M-Squared Sprint 1000 Alabama 2001 $19,000
Aeronca 11 AC Chief Aeronca 11 AC Chief Indiana 1946 $19,500
Stolp Starduster Too Stolp Starduster Too Washington 1997 $19,500
Piper Cherokee PA-28-140 Piper Cherokee PA-28-140 Tennessee 1967 $21,499
Piper Cherokee 140 Piper Cherokee 140 Michigan 1967 $21,499
Aeronca 7 AC Champion Aeronca 7 AC Champion Illinois 1946 $21,900
Mooney M20B Mooney M20B Iowa 1961 $21,999
Turner Super T40A Turner Super T40A Wisconsin $22,000