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This listing indicates the three type of Just Aircraft kits that are available and include everything to build a complete airplane ready for firewall forward and painting.

The aircraft come in many varieties of kits. The most popular kit consists of a pre-welded fuselage, quick build wings and all the necessary parts to build a complete airplane "firewall back". Estimated build time is 600 to 700 hours to complete the plane. You must purchase paint, avionics, firewall forward and the engine of your choice.

See Highlander and SuperStol pricing for the cost information.

If you wish to build the plane in various stages to spread out the time and cost many options are available to start as low as $6360.00. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Part of the reason for the high project completion rate are the builder manuals and the builder-assist program. The manuals include both easy-to-follow instructions and pictures. The builder-assist program is not like some others. There will not be an employee standing by to hand you tools, as a nurse does during surgery. However, all of the production tooling, specialty tools, paint booth, etc. are at the builder's disposal, along with the expertise of the factory employees.

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The Highlander

The Highlander is a versatile aircraft with great performance capabilities. The cockpit is 44" wide with lots of headroom and over 30 cu. ft. of cargo area. The plane has adjustable seats and there is plenty of cargo room to haul everything you need for that hunting, fishing or cross country trip. Planes may be fitted with floats as an amphib, with wheels, or skiis for winter use. This aircraft is very affordable and with the proper maintenance will last you a lifetime. Combine these features with the new Light Sport Pilot license and you too can enjoy the thrill of flying your own airplane!

The Highlander has the same great features as its predecessor the Escapade, but with all the great upgrades to make it the ultimate back country bush aircraft. The Highlander is manufactured with all high quality aircraft materials and can be fitted with a Rotax or Jaribu aircraft engine. The power and light operating weight, coupled with 121 square foot of wing area, allows the aircraft to take off and land with a ground roll of 300 feet. The Highlander also has an impressive 880 feet per minute climb rate.

The Highlander price includes the Escapade package plus the following:

  • Extended Wings
  • Heavy Duty Extended Main Gear w/1.25" Axles
  • 8 inch Tail Wheel
  • Upgrade E Series Matco Wheels and Brakes
  • Large Elevator/Rudder Combination (Balanced)
  • Gull Style Doors/Windows, and Vortex Generators

The SuperSTOL

The SuperSTOL is the latest product from Just Aircraft. The SuperSTOL sports an all metal wing aerodynamically designed to enhance slow flight capabilities while also increasing cruise speed. Additionally the wing incorporates self-deploying leading edge slats and long span fowler flaps to further improve the aircraft's stall range. To complement the new wing we have installed a new landing gear system that takes full advantage of a hydraulic strut with a long distance of travel. The tail wheel also incorporates a hydraulic shock to lessen aggressive off airport landings. No other aircraft kit manufacturer offers a comparable airplane.

The wing slats, when combined with the large Fowler flaps, allow the aircraft to be flown at extremely high angles of attack permitting it to 'drop' into small or inclined clearings. This provides access to considerably more off-airport landing sites, making the SuperStol one of the most versatile backcountry machines out there. With the new wing configuration, the Highlander will cruise at 110 mph, land at 32 mph, and take off or land with as little as 150 feet of runway.

The SuperSTOL price includes the Highlander package plus the following:

  • Two 13.5 gallon wing tanks
  • Wings mated to the fuselage
  • 21 inch Tundra tires
  • Extreme brake package


  • Quick build wings $2500.00
  • Alodine coating $ 500.00

The Escapade

The Escapade has been developed to meet the demand for a two place side-by-side dual control (individual stick controls) aircraft that can be used for training as well as recreation. The Fuselage, tail and landing gear are manufactured from 4130 Chrome-moly steel. The original Escapade earned the United Kingdom's BCAR (British Civil Aviation Requirement) Section S structural – and flight – test standards.

The Escapade has been through UK Section S static testing certification requirements and flight-testing certification requirements. The Escapade can be installed with any power plants in the weight range of the Rotax 912/914 or Jabiru 2200 aircraft engine. Jabiru can provide from the firewall forward.

Standard Tail Wheel Escapade kit:

Includes everything to build a complete airplane ready for firewall forward & painting. Features include:

  • Two 9 gallon wing tanks
  • Fibreglass wing tips
  • Tires 800x6 & bungee landing gear
  • Matco hydraulic disc toe brakes
  • Elevator with manual trim & linkage
  • Flared doors with Windows
  • Push button flap handle
  • Streamline struts
  • Aluminium trailing edges for wings

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