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The S-20 is the best of two great planes that have been in production at RANS since the 80's. We took the wings, tail, fuel system, and aero servo ailerons from the S-7S Courier, and engine system, control sticks, flap lever, rudder pedals, seats, and instrument panel from the Coyote II S-6S. The intent was to answer the many requests for a side by side bush plane, equal to or beyond the Courier.

Construction is straight forward and classic. The proven wing features our special 3" and 2" custom extruded spars, airfoil struts, and stamped aluminum ribs. All welded 4130 steel fuselage and tail complete the fuselage.

Design features that will make the plane an easy project include: Welded steel fuselage and tail (all welding is completed at the factory) CNC drilled spars that eliminate almost all critical drilling and locating of holes. One-piece stamped ribs are punched with final hole sizes, and many parts are anodized eliminating the need to prime or corrosion proof. The kits are very detailed and supplied with all critical components. Builders only need to supply, engine, prop, paint, avionics, and fluids.

Aircraft Data Sheet

Low drag 2-piece fiberglass cowling, oil check door, cowling removes quickly with ΒΌ turn fasteners
12” Spinner
4-Point rubber isolated engine mount
Stainless steel exhaust system
Cooling system
Oil Cooler
Pre-assembled oil lines with fire sleeves
Fuel lines and fittings
ACS ignition switch
Pre-fabricated battery, starter and ground cables
(Does not include engine, propeller, or propeller installation hardware.)
Rotax 912 ULS (100 hp) available factory new.
Due to currency fluctuation, prices are updated frequently. Please call for current pricing.
Additional Information
4130 Chromoly Steel welded fuselage and tail frames
Choice of curved Classic or RANS Signature Tail
Tubular aluminum wing structure
Stamped aluminum ribs
Sheet aluminum leading edge
Pitot static system
Lexan Windshield
Track system glazing retention - no holes drilled in glazing
Cabin skylight
Aero-Servo Differential ailerons
Ball bearing aircraft control pulleys
Cable operated rudder and ailerons
Push-pull tube operated elevator
Double stainless steel tail braces
Pre-drilled streamline aluminum struts
Adjustable aft lift strut
4130 streamline jury struts
Exit fairings for control rods and cables
Molded wing tips
26 Gallon fuel system (13 gal. in each wing with sight gauges), Flush Fuel Caps
50” wide curved doors with gas lift cylinders
Deluxe upholstered seats with map pockets, 5" in-flight adjust fore and aft with recline
Lap and shoulder belts (3-point)
Dual control sticks
Dual rudder pedals
Dual side hydraulic toe brakes
Park brake & stainless steel braided brake lines
Single panel mount throttle
Electric elevator trim mounted to pilot control stick with indicator on panel
Center mounted 4-position flap handle
2 piece spring aluminum main gear
Hydraulic 6" wheels and brakes
Telescoping steerable nose gear (Trike)
Full swivel steerable tail wheel (Tailwheel)
Park brake
Sheet Aluminum Baggage Compartment open to cabin
CNC machined Aluminum sheet boot cowl w/ joggle for flush cowling fit up
AN hardware and fasteners
Pre-cut floor board w/aluminum wear plate
Aircraft fabric, tapes, close outs, placards and decals

The S-20 Raven is a Kit in Standard or Quick Build Form – No welding required.

PAPER COPY (available at extra cost)


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Registration Number NA

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Rans Aircraft Co
(785) 625-6346
4600 Us Hwy 183 Alt
Hays, KS
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