Aircraft For Sale Listings

The Aircraft For Sale directory allows potential buyers to search through all airplanes for sale on Aviators Hot Line. The aircraft listed in the directory can be sorted by aircraft type, state, year or even price. Sortable aircraft features include aircraft type, make and model, state and year. Prices, photos and registration numbers are also available on many of the airplanes for sale. The directory also provides the user the ability to filter aircraft listings based on specific criteria such as aircraft make, model and price. If you have an aircraft for sale and would like it added to our aircraft for sale directory, contact us.

*The State field does not necessarily represent where the aircraft is currently located.

Aircraft Aircraft Type State*sort icon Year Aircraft Price
Beechcraft C24R Sierra Beechcraft C24R Sierra Florida 1977 $49,500
Beechcraft V35B Bonanza Beechcraft V35B Bonanza Florida 1980 $149,500
Cessna 182C Cessna 182C Florida 1960 $49,500
Cessna A185F Amphibian Cessna A185F Amphibian Florida 1976 $169,500
Scottish Aviation Bulldog MDL 120/121 Scottish Aviation Bulldog MDL 120/121 Florida 1976 $59,900
Taylorcraft L-2M Taylorcraft L-2M Florida 1943 $27,500
Piper PA-24-250 Comanche Piper PA-24-250 Comanche Florida 1959 $57,500
Hughes 500C Georgia 1970 Call for price
Robinson R66 Robinson R66 Georgia 2014 $825,000
Robinson R44 Raven II Robinson R44 Raven II Georgia 2006 $225,000
Robinson R44 Raven II Robinson R44 Raven II Georgia 2005 $205,000
Robinson R44 Clipper II Robinson R44 Clipper II Georgia 2004 $220,000
Bell 206B III Bell 206B III Georgia 1981 $495,000
Beechcraft E35 Bonanza Beechcraft E35 Bonanza Iowa 1954 $39,500
Cessna 421B Cessna 421B Iowa 1970 $129,000
Pazmany PL-1 Pazmany PL-1 Iowa 1986 $29,000
Bell UH-1L Sealord 6 Bell UH-1L Sealord 6 Idaho 1969 $440,000
Aviat Husky A-1B Aviat Husky A-1B Idaho 2006 $172,777
Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair Idaho 2005 $339,900
Navy N3N Navy N3N Illinois 1941 $100,000