Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair

  • Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair
  • Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair
  • Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair

Aircraft Specifications

Aircraft Description

Complete Logs  •  NDH  •  Part 91 Operated  •  Part 135 Maintained

Paint & Interior Like New

Buy & Fly in Style, in the New Year 2019, for Only $350,000 OBO


TTAF: 1600


Lycoming TIO-540-AJ1A   310HP @ 2500 RPM
S/N: L-12197-61E
TBO: 2000

SNEW: 1600


McCauley Constant Speed, 3-Blade Metal Prop

SPOH: 137.6

Modifications/ Conversions

Latitude Technologies S100 Tracking System

Avionics / Radios

Standard NAV III - Garmin G1000 Glass Panel Display GMA-1347 Digital Audio Panel with Marker Beacon/Intercom GIA-63 NAV/COM/GPS with Glideslope #1 GIA-63 NAV/COM/GPS with Glideslope #2 CI-2480 VHF/GPS Antenna with Internal Notch Filter (2) CI-120 NAV Antenna CI-102 Marker Beacon Antenna GTX-33 Transponder - Mode S with TIS CI-105 Transponder Antenna GDU-1040 Primary Flight Display (PFD) GDU-1040 Multi-function Display (MFD) GEA-71 Engine/Airframe Computer • CHT/EGT Sensors - All Cylinders • Fuel Flow Meter • Manifold/Tachometer/Vacuum Sensors GRS-77 Attitude & Heading Reference System AHRS GDC-74 Air Data Computer with OAT Probe GMU-44 Magnetometer KAP-140 Dual Axis Autopilot • Altitude Preselect • GPS Roll Steering • KCM-100 Configuration Mode • KS-270C Pitch Axis Servo Actuator • KS-271C Roll Axis Servo Actuator • KS-272C Pitch Trim Servo Actuator 3000-11 Emergency Locator Transmitter Emergency Locator Transmitter External Antenna Emergency Locator Transmitter Remote Mounted Switch WX-500 Stormscope NY-163 Stormscope Antenna Control Wheel Push-To-Talk Switch - Pilot/Copilot Mic & Phone Jacks - Pilot/Copilot/Passengers Auxiliary Stereo Input Jack Blind Turn Coordinator for KAP-140 Avionics Circuit Breaker Panel Single Engine Driven Vacuum Pump System Backup Mechanical Instruments • Attitude (Vacuum Gyro) • Airspeed • Altimeter Magnetic Compass Pitot System - Heated Static System Alternate Static Source Audible Stall Warning System - Heated Deck Skin Cooling Fan #1 PFD Avionics Cooling Fan #2 MFD Avionics Cooling Fan #3 Aft Avionics Cooling Fan #4


Beige Leather Seat Surfaces with Perforated Pebble Leather Insert Original Interior 2005

Excellent Condition


Matterhorn White with Burgundy, Light Grey Painted Stripes Original Paint 2005

Excellent Condition

Additional Information

Max Takeoff Weight: 3,600lbs
Max Useful Load: 1,280lbs
Usable Fuel Load: 87 Gal / 329 liters
Take-off distance 50ft obstacle: 1700 ft
Max Cruise Speed: 140 Knots (164Mph)
Cruise Range (75% pwr at 6,200 ft): 550 nm (3.6 hrs)

Annual Completed: May 2018
Always Hangared
AD's & MSB's Up-to-Date as of May 2018

Additional Aircraft Info.

Serial Number T20608585
Registration Number N506TM
Total Time 1600 Hours

Seller Information

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