Bell 429

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Aircraft Highlights:

  • Location: Ecuador
  • Only 170 Hours Since New
  • No Damage
  • Avidyne TAS 620 Traffic Advisory System
  • Cabin Soundproofing

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Aircraft Data Sheet


TTAF: 170


Pratt & Whitney PW 207D1

Engine 1: 168 hours
Engine 2: 168 hours


Modifications/ Conversions
  • Inlet Barrier Filter (Electrical Provisions)
  • Inlet Barrier Filter
  • Electrical Provisions Kit (Required For CAT A)
  • Compressor Wash Kit
  • Windshield Wipers (Pilot & Co-Pilot)
  • High Gross Weight Towing Kit (AAI)
  • Cabin Floor Protector (AAI)
  • Fuel Filler Area Protector (AAI)
  • Cargo Hook Provisions
  • Headliner w/LED Lights & Adjustable Air Conditioning Vents
  • Cabin Soundproofing
  • Six (6) 18.5” Passenger Seats w/ 3 Point Restraining System, Quick Release
  • Automatic Door Openers
  • Auxiliary Fuel Tank Equipment (39 U.S. Gallons)
  • Six (6) Aft Cabin ICS (w/o Headsets)
  • Aft Bulkhead Closeout Panel
  • Emergency Float Provisions (Electrical & Fixed) For Floats w/Life Rafts


Avionics / Radios

Air Conditioning Drive Quill (Required For Installation)
Air Conditioning Provisions (Aircomm)
Single Evaporating Air Conditions w/Manual Controls
3rd Display Unit & Standby Compass
Avidyne TAS 620 Traffic Advisory System
Dual Pilot Control Provisions
Dual Pilot Controls Equipment
Dual 150 Amp Starter Generator (200 AMP)
25 AMP Battery (63 AMP Optional)
Rotor Brake Provisions
Rotor Brake Equipment
Wire Strike Protection System (Upper & Lower Provisions)
Skid Gear
Artex ELT C406-NHM)


Six (6) passenger interior featuring cabin soundproofing, 18.5” wide seats with 3 point restraining, quick release system.  The cabin features automatic door openers as well as an aft bulkhead closeout panel.  Additional amenities include a cabin floor protector, cargo hook provisions and LED lighting with adjustable air-conditioning vents in the headliner.


Overall White with Dark Blue Accents.

Additional Aircraft Info.

Serial Number 57056
Registration Number HC-CMR
Total Time 170 Hours

Seller Information

Avpro, Inc.
(410) 573-1515
900 Bestgate Road
Annapolis, MD
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