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Aviators Hot Line directory of used jets for sale includes Gulfstream, Learjet, Cessna and other popular business jets. We have jets for sale for corporate use or for private owners to purchase. Companies enjoy the freedom their own jets provide. There are no security checks to go through and you or your company determines when to depart and arrive. If you need a jet for small group or a larger one, you’ll find a variety of jets for sale. If you’re a business or a private owner of a jet and would like to list it for sale in our directory, then contact us.

Note: The seller location is not always the location of the aircraft. Click each listing for more info.

Aircraft Manufacturer, Make, Model Seller State Year Aircraft Price
Dassault Falcon 10 Dassault|FALCON 10|Jet Texas 1975 $375,000
Dassault Falcon 7X Dassault Falcon 7X Dassault|FALCON 7X|Jet Maryland 2011 $24,950,000
Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy Dassault|FALCON 900|FALCON 900EX EASy|Jet Maryland 2007 $19,950,000
Cessna Citation CJ2 Cessna Citation CJ2 Cessna|CITATION 525|CITATION CJ2|Jet Maryland 2003 Call for price
Dassault Falcon 900LX Dassault Falcon 900LX Dassault|FALCON 900|FALCON 900LX|Jet Maryland 2011 $22,950,000
Learjet 55 Learjet 55 55|55|Jet|Learjet Maryland 1982 $495,000
Learjet 45XR Learjet 45XR 45|45XR|Jet|Learjet Maryland 2009 $3,995,000
Learjet 60 Learjet 60 60|60|Jet|Learjet Maryland 1995 $1,595,000
Bombardier Global Express Bombardier Global Express Bombardier|GLOBAL EXPRESS|GLOBAL EXPRESS|Jet Maryland 2000 $6,950,000
Gulfstream G200 Gulfstream G200 G200|Gulfstream|Jet Maryland 2005 $4,750,000
Bombardier Challenger 604 Bombardier Challenger 604 Bombardier|CHALLENGER 604|Jet Maryland 1998 Call for price
Gulfstream V Gulfstream V Gulfstream|Jet|V|V Maryland 1997 $9,950,000
Boeing BBJ 737-7ET Boeing BBJ 737-7ET 737|737-7ET|Boeing|Jet Colorado 2001 Call for price
Gulfstream IVSP Gulfstream IVSP Gulfstream|IV|IVSP|Jet Maryland 2001 Call for price
Airbus ACJ319 Airbus ACJ319 ACJ|Airbus|Jet Colorado 2001 $39,000,000
Gulfstream IVSP Gulfstream IVSP Gulfstream|IV|IVSP|Jet Maryland 1994 Call for price
Learjet 60 Learjet 60 60|60|Jet|Learjet Maryland 1995 $1,150,000
Learjet 31A Learjet 31A 31|31A|Jet|Learjet Maryland 2000 $995,000
Bombardier Challenger 300 Bombardier Challenger 300 Bombardier|CHALLENGER 300|CHALLENGER 300|Jet Maryland 2012 $11,900,000
Airbus A319 ACJ Airbus A319 ACJ A319|Airbus|Jet Maryland 2001 $16,950,000
Dassault Falcon 2000 Dassault Falcon 2000 Dassault|FALCON 2000|FALCON 2000|Jet Maryland 2003 Call for price
Gulfstream G550 Gulfstream G550 G550|Gulfstream|Jet Maryland 2010 Call for price
Bombardier Challenger 601-1A Bombardier Challenger 601-1A Bombardier|CHALLENGER CL-601|CHALLENGER CL-601-1A|Jet Maryland 1986 Call for price
Cessna Citation Sovereign Cessna Citation Sovereign Cessna|CITATION SOVEREIGN|Jet Maryland 2005 Call for price
Gulfstream IVSP Gulfstream IVSP Gulfstream|IV|IVSP|Jet Maryland 1997 Call for price