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Aviators Hot Line has heard the need of its most-loyal readers and customers: when it’s time to switch to a smaller, lighter, and well, new machine, the LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) movement is often the answer. The so far unsolved problem with the transition isn’t the flight training, the financing, or even where to put that big ol’ flight bag – it’s how to sell the existing mothership.

After discussions with LAMA (the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association), Aviators Hot Line has launched a new program that appears to make everyone a winner: Owners get help selling their prior aircraft; LSA vendors gain new customers after their airplane sells; aviation expands by one more airplane and post sale flying activity will increase providing work for repairmen, fuel sellers, airports, insurance companies, financing providers, and more. The program is called “Aviators helping aviators.”

“When pilots can sell one aircraft to buy another, the aviation economy gets a shot in the arm,” said Carol Harrison, publisher of Aviators Hot Line and the LSA-focused Light Aviation Edition. “Our ‘Aviators helping aviators’ program offers advertising vendors a complimentary advertisement for an owner wishing to sell his aircraft.”

“Now, this organization that has been so helpful to Light-Sport aviation has created the new ‘Aviators helping aviators’ program where the big-A Aviators is helping small-A aviators who would buy a new LSA if only they could sell their current aircraft”, said LAMA president, Dan Johnson. “Through this new program, Aviators Hot Line is offering to help that owner sell the aircraft he owns today... at zero cost to that owner.”


The program is simple. A vendor of LSA places an ad contract with Aviators Hot Line. That vendor comes to agreement with a buyer of their aircraft and collects a deposit. Subsequently, that owner can place an ad for the aircraft for the airplane they currently own and Aviators will run the ad until the airplane sells or one year passes, whichever comes first. The selling owner pays nothing to run the ad, assuming he or she has placed an order for a new aircraft from a participating vendor that is a current LAMA member. Hence...

Aviators are helping aviators to enjoy flying. Harrison says, “We are happy to cooperate with the LSA manufacturers and Dealers, with LAMA, and with our loyal readers and customers to help keep the momentum building across our industry.”

The program begins immediately and covers LSA deposits made starting April 1, 2010 or later.

At the time of this release, 3Xtrim Inc., importer of the Navigator 600 LSA, is the first company to join the program and offer this service to their prospective buyers.


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