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The “Helicycle©”: A Helicopter Pilot’s Helicopter

Having flown many types of helicopters both piston and turbine powered, for over 30 years and having constructed, from scratch, over a dozen prototype helicopters from one to four seats; it was B.J. Schramm’s desire to create a personal single seat helicopter which Embodies All desirable features that could be engineered into a single machine.


Eagle R & D Mission Statement
Eagle R & D will design and produce a new generation Rotary Wing Aircraft which will provide more utility at less cost than any previous helicopter. Our goal in essence, is to create a single place quality equivalent of the Robinson R-22 for 1/5 the price. Good hardware is not enough. We are totally committed to do everything in our power to guarantee the success and safety of our builders and pilots, we will provide complete customer service from video and personal instruction right through to on-site check out and flight

Performance: (Speed & Altitude)
The HELICYCLE in it’s normal configuration is designed to cruise along side the industry standard R-22. Landings and take offs at above 9000 ft. are possible because of a 7.5/1 power to weight ratio. The same as the Hughes 500.

Flight Stability: (Wind & Gust)
Aircraft stability is always challenged by adverse weather conditions.  It is normally assumed that lighter aircraft will be further affected.  The HELICYCLE at one half the weight of the R-22 is capable of being operated in the same weather conditions as the R-22, with no appreciable increase in pilot work load over that of the R-22.

Handling Qualities:
The HELICYCLE has numerous design features which improve it’s handling qualities. These include:

  • A fully harmonized rotor.
  • A modulated collective system.
  • Very low 2-per-rev vibration level due to elastomeric thrust bearings.
  • Generous flapping angle for low “G” & slope landing conditions.
  • Control friction devices.
  • Electronic throttle control.

Volume 35, Issue No. 3 • March 2013