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The NAVIGATOR 600 has been designed and manufactured in “3Xtrim” Aircraft Factory in Bielsko-Biala (southern Poland). It continues the 55-year tradition and experience of the world class SZD-PZL-Bielsko Glider Factory.

Adam Kurbiel, a designer of modern gliders at the SZDPZL, established the 3Xtrim Airplane Factory.

NAVIGATOR 600 is built to meet the requirements of LSA (Light Sport Airplane). On the Canadian market, NAVIGATOR 600 is known as 3X55 (since 2006) and it meets the requirements of AULA (Advance Ultra-Light Airplane).

Exceptional fl ying characteristics, low maintenance and operational cost, make this aircraft a perfect choice for training and pleasure fl ying. The very quiet cockpit can be equipped with latest, state of the art “Glass” instruments, radio, transponder and GPS. The 3X55 is also available with glider tow hook, amphibious fl oats, skis and dedicated trailer. Important also is the fact that the wings are removable for easy storage and transport. A large-capacity fuel tank can be installed for long cross-country flights.

NAVIGATOR 600 has succeeded in navigation sport events such as 16th World Precision Flying Championships in Herning, Denmark, August 2004. The pilot was unbeaten Christopher Wieczorek, who won the Championships and claimed the title of World Champion.

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