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Affordable Collision Avoidance

The new Traffic-Watch+ ATD-300 from Monroy Aerospace offers superb direct 1090MHz traffic detection for less than $1300. At about the size of a police radar detector the unit is capable of providing traffic distance (up to 5nm), direction and relative altitude. It also provides voice warnings.

Its dot matrix LED display is readable in direct sunlight. Traffic data can also be displayed on remote displays via its ARINC 429 interface.

When there is no traffic activity the ATD-300 automatically displays the onboard transponder altitude data so you know what ATC is reading on you. The unit can be used either in portable or installed configuration (FAA-PMA).

At 2.75”W x 0.75”H x 5”D, it can be installed anywhere in the panel or in a standard 3” instrument hole. The external small footprint directional antenna ANT-300 uses a single BNC cable for easy installation on any aircraft. The ATD-300 is fully compatible with Mode A/C and ADS-B transponders.

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