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Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest At-a-Glance has reviewed the current market status of the Cessna 150 series aircraft. Research for this study was obtained in part from Aircraft Bluebook, Aircraft Bluebook’s Historical Value Reference, the FAA’s registry web site and various trade publications.

According to FAA records, around 13,000 Cessna 150s are registered in the United States. At the time of the writing of this article, over 120 various year models of the 150 series were for sale in the major aircraft trade publications, representing a little less than 1 percent of the total fleet. The Cessna 150, while not classified as a LSA (due to it exceeding the 1,320 pound Maximum Take Off Weight limit for LSAs) is still a venerable competitor in the areas of capability, performance and cost.
Current offerings for Cessna 150s range in asking prices from $13,000 to $49,000. As expected, time, equipment and condition not only will impact the asking price, but selling price as well. Since the 150 has primarily been used as a training aircraft, many will be high-time airframes. The average airframe time for a late 1960s -1970s model is approximately 4,500 – 5,000 hours. Most will not be equipped with next generation avionics, like the new LSA counterparts, without significant modifications. The summer 2009 Aircraft Bluebook lists a 1969 Cessna 150J with a reported retail price of $15,000.
Residual Values
ported new with a standard list price of $7,995 and an average equipped price of $11,390. Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest’s Historical Value Reference has demonstrated the Cessna 150’s market value performance by quarter in the graph for this 1969 model.

Other historical values can be obtained at Aircraft Bluebook’s website,

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