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Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest At-a-Glance has reviewed the current market status of the Flight Design CT Series. Research for this study was obtained from Aircraft Bluebook, Controller, Trade-A-Plane, Flight Design USA and the FAA registry Web site.


According to FAA records, there are approximately 280 Flight Design aircraft registered in the United States with the SLSA designation. This figure is approximately double the number of its closest competitor and more than the combined numbers of the third-, fourth- and fifth-ranked companies according to registration numbers. Flight Design’s numbers represent around 20 percent of the LSA market. At the time of the writing of this article, there were around a dozen CTs for sale in various aircraft trade publications or about 4 percent of the total active fleet. This number, however, does not take into account aircraft for sale that are not listed in these publications. The Flight Design CT was one of the first aircraft certified under the American ASTM standards and has remained the top-selling LSA for four consecutive years.


Current offerings for pre-owned Flight Designs (CTSW and CTLS) range in asking prices from $86,000 to $130,000. As expected, time, equipment and condition will impact not only asking price, but selling price as well. In 2008, Flight Design added approximately 50 aircraft to their registered ranks.

Residual Values

The Flight Design 2006 CTSW, whose market values have been tracked since the first quarter of 2008 was reported new with a list price of $120,000 in 2006. So far, the 2006 model has retained 83 percent of its original value. Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest’s Historical Value Reference has demonstrated the CTSW market value performance by quarter in the graph for this 2006 model.

Other historical values can be obtained at Aircraft Bluebook’s website,

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