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Another Happy Survival Products Customer...

This is a real life testimonial from my book “PAN, PAN, PAN, MIAMI CENTER MY PLANE IS ON FIRE!” concerning the quality of the Survival Life Raft manufactured by your company. At this time, I want to thank you!

“When I regained consciousness the water in the airplane was up to my knees. The airplane was slowly sinking. All the
wires had me entangled and I could hear the air traffic controller from Miami Center. He was talking to a C-130 Air Force plane and to an American Eagle commuter airliner in the area asking them if they had spotted my drowned plane.

There was also a Coast Guard airplane in the area.  It was time to get out of the airplane. I took my headset off and scrambled to get all of the wires from around me. I tried to run through the waist high water towards the emergency exit door. I tripped and fell face down into the water. It was surreal; it seemed that I was unconscious again and not moving or in a hurry to get up. The voice, inside, commanded me to get up and get hold of myself. There was no way that I could ignore that charge: it basically lifted me to my feet.

When I got to the emergency exit door I couldn’t open it. No matter how hard I pushed it, did not budge. My thinking was that if the main cabin entrance door was also jammed, I was doomed. It, too, gave some difficulty: what a relief it was finally being able to get it open. I grabbed the Survival Life Raft and flung it out of the door. What a relief it was
to see that beautiful raft floating in the ocean waves!

It works the way Survival Products built it to work!  I believe the Survival Life Raft was instrumental in my eventual survival culminating in being rescued by a local fisherman off Marathon, in the Florida Keys. This is a real life testimonial of the quality and workmanship of the Survival Products Life Raft. I would like to thank the crew at Survival Products, Donna and Charlie for their hard work in making possible my very unique survival events in the archives of aviation history, not once but twice!”

Best regards,
Captain Denis G. Murphy