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AOPA Summit 2009 Broadens Outreach of LSA


AOPA Summit 2009 --Light-Sport Aircraft felt the embrace of the world’s largest pilot’s association as AOPA deepened their commitment to the new sector. Remos GX is AOPA’s Fun to Fly Sweepstakes choice. Icon got center stage for 15 minutes of fame.

In its first year as the AOPA “Summit” (versus “Expo”), the 70-year-old, 415,000-member organization made a lot of changes large and small. Among the most notable under capable new president Craig Fuller was much greater attention to LSA. Here’s the fast-read update... *** AOPA announced their 2010 Sweepstakes airplane is a Remos GX; the company had multiple displays and aircraft. Cessna brought a SkyCatcher for selected reporters to fly. Craig Fuller had Icon A5 developer Kirk Hawkins on the center-hall stage. EAA’s Earl Lawrence led a LSA panel of FAA and industry experts (including yours truly).

LAMA operated an LSA Mall area and had fruitful discussions with AOPA to advance goals of the LSA industry. SeaMax USA showed off their simulator seaplane running on MS Flight Sim. Tecnam North America, with several aircraft on display, announced new service centers for the popular Italian line of aircraft they now represent.

Flight Design announced three new FD Pilot Centers. Dynon showed off their new SkyView in 7 & 10-inch screens. And, Garmin showed their new new “aera” touch-screen GPS. *** In the LSA Mall at Tampa’s bayside airport --hosted by LAMA and supported by Aviators Hot Line and Light Aviation Edition, Dynon, Aircraft Partnership Association and AirFleet Capital --LSA exhibitors included Progressive Aerodyne’s SeaRey; Sportair USA’s Sting S-3; Jabiru USA J-230; Arion’s Lightning LS1; Aerotrek’s A220; X-Air’s LS; and Paradise’s P-1. Outside the LSA Mall were RANS’s S-19 and S-7 Courier; American Legend’s Cub; and CubCrafters SportCub.

November 2009 Light Aviation Edition

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