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Approach Fast Stack Simplifies Avionics Installation/Upgrades

Approach specializes in assisting customers in designing and developing an avionics suite that best meets the pilot’s needs. In addition, Approach helps customers in the installation and operation of their avionics package, and provides complete interface documentation and support.

According to General Manager Tim Hass, “We always strive for the highest quality in our products and the addition of the Pro-X Hub to Approach’s other PMA’d products helps us achieve the results we and our customers expect. We have a stringent quality control process for the manufacture of our products and we are proud to have achieved this FAA-PMA qualifi cation on our newly released Pro-X model.”

Approach’s modular wiring system interconnects avionics components with a central hub and ready-built cables for the majority of avionics in the marketplace, including Garmin’s panel mount avionics.

All cables are double shielded and grounded at the hub, which eliminates the possibility of ground loops, and protects against any noise induction into the avionics system. The Pro-X Hub is an EFIS centric design allowing the flexibility of installing any EFIS system in the avionics suite.