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We can also provide: engines, instrument packages, Superflite finishing products, and aircraft decal sets to suit your requirements.

The Escapade has been developed to meet the demand for a two place side-by-side dual control (individual sticks) aircraft that can be used for training as well as recreation. The Highlander is the bush plane model of the Escapade with longer wings, taller-heavier gear, tundra tires and larger tail feathers with balanced elevator and rudder.

The Escapade and Highlander are made of high quality materials that will ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. We have done this without straining your wallet unlike some similar aircraft manufactured with like materials. The fuselage tail and landing gear are manufactured from high quality 4130 Chromemoly steel. The wings fold in under 2 minutes with no Disconnecting of any controls or control surfaces. The Escapade can be configured with tail-wheel or tri-cycle landing gear with the ability to swap from one to the other in about 1 hour. The Escapade has been through UK Section S static testing certification requirements and flight-testing certification requirements. The Escapade and Highlander can be installed with any power plants in the weight range of the Rotax 503 up to the Rotax 914 or Jabiru 2200 up to the Jabiru 3300.


Light Aviation Edition August 2011

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