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Build Fast, Fly Fast......with Team Tango!

...with Team Tango!



A leader in composite fast-build aircraft kits, where we take fabrication technology to a new level!

TEAM TANGO is a leader in fast-build aircraft kits, and we are taking fabrication technology to a new level.  At our Florida Builder’s Center, we constantly refine parts, materials and processes to save builders time and help them build a better airplane. Team Tango now offers a fast-build program that will allow a builder to assemble his airframe at the Builder’s Center and then use our custom trailer to transport his airframe to his own shop for final completion! Or the builder may stay at the Builder’s Center for additional time to bring the aircraft to an airworthy condition. At Team Tango we are dedicated toward you finishing your airplane so builders’ guidance, instruction and inspection provided by a Team Tango technician is free and included with the purchase of your airplane. Fabrication and assembly of your airframe by a Team Tango technician is available for an additional fee, within the limits as set forth in the 51% rule.

Team Tango aircraft are BUILDER FRIENDLY!! All composite parts are pre-formed and exterior parts are gelcoated. All hardware is pre-machined and welded. Complex tasks are already done for you and there are few complicated structures to complete. This approach makes the Tango an excellent aircraft to build in your 2 or larger garage with normal tools. Because the parts count is low, and the kits’s pre-fabrication level is high, a 6 to 12 month build is not uncommon, often in less than 1000 hours and that’s why our motto is Build Fast, Fly Fast! The Builder’s Center option puts you under the watchful eyes of our assembly specialists. All stands and forms are supplied at the Builder’s Center so set up is a breeze. All the necessary tools, assistance and FAA required documentation to complete your own Tango is provided. We are there to show you the way. This program takes you from our “EZ-Builds!” kit to an airworthy aircraft. The best part of the Builder’s Program though, is the confidence of knowing your Tango is going to get finished!

TAKE IT TO THE NEXT STEP... Having a completed Firewall Forward Package and an Electrical/Instrument Panel Package ready to install is required to build an aircraft in optimal time. We can send you parts and drawings to allow you to do this before you start building the airframe. Then you can ship them to the builder’s center, or have them ready when you get your airframe home.

Tango 2 With enough endurance to travel any destinationin the country on one fuel stop, the Tango 2 canbeat the hassles of flying commercial, at a fraction of thecost of a similar certified aircraft. At Team Tango we understand business. That is why reducing build time by improving and simplifying aircraft parts, is our primary concern. With a guaranteed 200+ MPH on a 180 h.p. engine, the Tango 2 is BusinessReady.
Tango XR Our newest model combines years of proven performance and market research, with the comfort of a fully wet wing, increased structural strength and upgraded useful load the Tango XR is far from your typical ride. Let’s face it, real pilots want real planes. The Tango XR is a two place, 200+ MPH guaranteed, composite built aircraft. With a 90 gallon tank you can fl y LAX to JAX without refueling.
Foxtrot 4 The Foxtrot is a blazing fast, 200+ MPH guaranteed, 4-place composite built aircraft. The Foxtrot is taking the aviation world by storm. No other manufacturer offering a four place aircraft in this pricerange can guarantee speeds of over 200 miles per hour!  The Foxtrot has generated tremendous interest and enthusiasm for the same reasons that the Tango has caught the attention of builders worldwide. This is a simple, sturdy design that offers exceptional performance,
affordable cost and a low quick build time, often less than 1000 hours or 6-12 months, that is unique among kit-built aircraft today. The Foxtrot is available in home-build or build center kit form.
If you are transitioning to LSA but have to sell your GA aircraft first - TEAM TANGO can help!
1990 SW 19th Ave
Williston, FL 32696
Build Center: 352-528-0982
Info & Sales: 352-226-5405

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