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 in Your NEW SportStar MAX! Priced to Sell! $129,950
Looking for “the best equipped Sportstar Max in the USA”? Sport Aircraft International currently has in inventory a “new” Sportstar Max SLSA, ser. no. 2011-1502, N80MX, imported and licensed in February, 2012.

The aircraft is equipped with the latest state-of-the art avionics and options. Retail list price is $154,950.
This beautiful aircraft is available immediately with an attractive preferred customer discount price. Yours for $129,950! Call for full details.
Sport Aircraft Int’l has delivered over 84 Sportstars throughout North America. Interestingly over 30 of them are operated daily in flight training with some 25-flight schools around the country.
The reason for the Sportstar’s early and continued acceptance as a primary trainer was the Evektor Sportstar’s proven history with over 1,100 of them now flying in over 40 countries worldwide. Its superior quality, strength, and durability that has been clearly validated with some flight school Sportstars repeatedly flying over 100 hours a month.
Not the least of which it’s preference by new or transitioning pilots due to its docile handling characteristics, operating economics, and cabin comfort. It is estimated that the total fleet hours are now more than 350,000 hours. “Proven reliability and support year after year”
Want to know more about the proven Evektor Sportstar Max or new Harmony LSA?
Give Jeff Conrad at
Sport Aircraft International LLC
a call at tel.
August 2012 Light Aviation Edition
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