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Erect-A-Tube Increases its Product Portfolio with Custom Buildings

Design, performance, and reliability, words not often used to describe aircraft hangars but rather the latest Learjet or Cessna Citation, right? Well Erect-a-Tube, the Illinois based manufacturer of aircraft hangars and bi-fold doors is known for all of the above and more for their custom buildings located throughout the U.S.

Speer Field at Gillespie Field, a San Diego County Airport located in El Cajon, California is one example of Erect-a-Tube’s flexibility to take design ideas and turn them into reality. It was businessman and developer Bill Allen’s dream to replicate the architecture of the 1930’s ‘Golden Age of Aviation’, and Erect-a-Tube was just the manufacturer for the job. Allen, along with his wife Claudia envisioned a cluster of 23 hangars with bowstring, gambrel and gable roof designs.

After an exhaustive search for the right building manufacturer, the Allens knew Erect-a-Tube was the right choice.

Roof design flexibility and the ability to fabricate electric bi-fold and bottom rolling hangar doors made the difference.

According to Allen, “We felt comfortable knowing both the buildings and doors were made by one manufacturer.”

Claudia added, “Erect-A-Tube understood what we wanted and they made our concept happen. “We wanted buildings to look strong, to have muscle and Erect-A-Tube was able to achieve this for us.” These buildings are made of  structural steel. They have uncompromised structural integrity.  Many inspectors have said, ‘These buildings are here to stay’.

If you’d like to learn more about the Allen’s project, log on to and click on “Your Story.” The website also highlights Erect-A-Tube’s almost 50-year history in the aviation industry, building T-hangars and electric bi-fold doors.