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Evektor SportStar AB Flight, LLC

Always wanted to learn to fly? Are you a pilot who has been away from it for a while? Do you find the cost of flying too high? Then Let AB Flight show you how they make light sport aviation fun and economical.

AB Flight is an authorized aircraft dealer for the SportStar line of Light Sport aircraft.

The Evektor SportStar is a ready to fly all metal aircraft with the proven Rotax 912 engine and excellent performance. It uses avgas or automotive fuel. It is also available equipped and certified for IFR flight.

The Evektor SportStar was the first aircraft to receive a Special Airworthiness Certificate as a Special Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) in the US.

In addition to being an Evektor aircraft dealer, AB Flight consists of professional and attentive flight instructors who specialize in providing light sport flight training and ground instruction in your aircraft or theirs.

Their Chief Flight Instructor is a Pilot Examiner with over 6000 hours of flight time and one who understands and values the trust, patience and integrity a student pilot requires.

AB Flight’s FAA Designated Pilot Examiner specializes in administering Sport Pilot and Sport Fight Instructor practical tests.

He is familiar with all types of Light Sport airplanes including Experimental Light Sport, Special Light Sport, and Type Certificated airplanes that comply with the Light Sport category including tail wheel aircraft.

He is authorized to administer Practical Tests anywhere in the United States and all U.S. Territories and will travel to your location if necessary.

Give Art a call today at (610) 762-9909 to make an appointment, schedule flight training, setup a demo flight or to answer any of your Sport Pilot Examiner questions.

Light Aviation Edition December 2010

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