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The Florida Air Museum

Sharing the passion of flight

Florida Air Museum, Florida’s official aviation museum and education center, is the year-round custodian of the aviation spirit and passion of SUN ’n FUN. Visitors from around the world explore their own passion for aviation in a variety of ways. Some come for the exhibit of exquisitely crafted homebuilt aircraft while others for the unique and rare military aircraft in our collection.

Some visitors are interested in the aviation history of Florida (including the first scheduled commercial airline and first international airline), Howard Hughes, Charles Lindbergh and many other aviation pioneers. Many visit the FAM library to research. Our aerospace exhibit is small but very inclusive with a kerosene/oxygen liquid rocket engine, Little Joe solid fuel rocket, ion engine and many more rare or one-of-a-kind items. Our 1/4 scale model collection includes a 1910 Deperdussen, Hawker Hurricane and “Wrong Way Corrigan’s” aircraft. New to our collection this year is a RotorWay Exec helicopter, a 1943 C-47 and a HyperBipe. Sam Lyons is FAM’s “Artist in Residence” with a display of his critically acclaimed aviation art.

What we have, however, is not really who we are! We are most known for our education programs that touch over 10,000 youth and adults annually. We host the Central Florida Aerospace Academy on campus and work with Polk County Public Schools staff and teachers to provide a unique educational experience. Our own staff is small but dedicated and supported by amazing volunteers. In fact we like to say the Florida Air Museum was built by volunteers and is a repository of the volunteer spirit. It is this volunteer spirit which allows the museum to continue to grow, develop new programs and impact the lives of adults and youth.

The museum and its pavilion complex is sporting new paint, sails and canopies and a new walkway, but these improvement are just the beginning of the great plans we have for expansion. They are an indication of where we are going so just wait until you see what is next!

You can support the Florida Air Museum by becoming a member or making a donation. Members enjoy benefits they can use nationwide and even in some foreign countries. Know that your dollars are carefully spent to provide maximum impact in promoting the spirit and passion of aviation.

Free admission during the Fly-in!

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