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Customer Editorial

The aviation industry has always been resilient, flexible and eager to find new growth and rebound solutions thru better technology. No one needs to be reminded of the significant market and business downturns during the past four years that has tested the industries metal. However there are some signs of recovery in key segments. In fact, many feel we may be reaching a reset point; the point at which key positioning is required in order to take advantage of a market upturn.

2011 provided us with some favorable news. As measured by the number of flights, some segments of General Aviation continued in decline, the rate of decline has lessened, due, in part, to the stabilization of business jet traffic and healthier charter and shared services activity. Also, the available used inventory of business jets, which had remained stubbornly high during this period, is starting to inch its way down. This could be the most opportune time to explore the expansion of your business services and products. And Downing Aviation Associates (DAA) can help with your growth plans while substantially reducing risk.

No matter the size or maturity of your company, DAA can help to be better position both your existing or new ventures for the impending industry rebound. DAA can provide the specific business, marketing and engineering resources, for as short or as long a period as the client requires; thus avoiding the uncertainty and costs of hiring full time employees until the business is fully established. We can also help with longer term resource planning and sourcing as your projects evolve and market dynamics stabilize.

Whether you are interested in new, diversified segments or on solidifying your core business(s), we can assist in the market and technical evaluations, preliminary design and program planning and launch by providing critical contract and consulting services in areas such as:

  • Effective business, financial and marketing planning.
  • Securing venture capital and equity financing.
  • Business development, vendor selection and contracting, and certification planning
  • Resource planning, manpower search and recruiting
  • Preliminary design, applications and installation engineering for propulsion. secondary power and all related mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems
  • Vendor selection and customer support guidelines for key areas of your project
  • Conduct extensive market research, market forecasts and surveys.
  • Implement, integrate and manage the most experienced business, marketing and engineering resources available including provisional personnel for only the time required to establish the new business.
  • Program and project management.
  • And much more.

Let’s discuss how we might help your organization position for the future….

Thank You,

Darrel Downing

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