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Expands Rotables Program, one of the largest stocking distributors of general aviation spares, has in- creased its product offerings by enhancing their rotables pro- gram. Brad Vieux, Director of Business Development, explains that now has around 4000 different line items available on a rotables or ex- change basis – stocking more than one overhauled unit each so that there is availability to meet the customer’s immediate needs. When one thinks of rotables or exchange parts, things like valves and starter-generators (that have a lot of moving parts) or landing gear and wheels and brakes (that take a lot of punishment and are subject to wear) are generally what come to mind. But Global- has a much more varied offering that extends to things like avionics, flight controls, pressurization, fuel-system and even engine components. And not all have moving parts. “Need a windscreen or a cabin window for your Citation? We’ve got ‘em. Leading edges for your Hawker wing? Maybe an engine inlet or a cowling for your Lear?

Just tell us for what model and where to send it,” Vieux says.

Warranty is another important factor to consider. “When does your vendor’s warranty clock start?” Vieux asks. “If it starts with
the part’s tag date, that doesn’t really help you much. At, it doesn’t start until we ship the part to you. And, if you ever have a warranty claim, we try to handle it whenever possible with a full warranty parts replacement rather than repair. This may be a minor point to some, but not to us. We just hired three people in our Atlanta office mainly for their rotables experience. We all speak the language. We know the ins and outs.”

Though the vast majority of parts transactions are routine, Vieux pointed out, GlobalParts. aero is skilled at handling special situations too. For example, if the customer requests it, DER or PMA repairs can be done on many types of parts. And rental parts can be provided for those who prefer to have the original part repaired and sent back in order to keep its serial number on their aircraft.

To get certified, airworthy parts to customers in the shortest amount of time (or most economically, if the customer prefers), provides same- day shipping. It begins with a 24/7 AOG hotline that allows customers to talk with a live person to get the request in gear. Parts can be dispatched on the next commercial or cargo flight to any worldwide destination. Through special courier relationships, parts can even be driven door-to- door or flown by charter.

While is primarily known for its breadth of Hawker Beechcraft parts (Global- is the Hawker Beech- craft authorized spare parts distributor for Mexico and Central America), other manufacturers are also supported – avionics for Citation, Gulfstream, Falcon, Embraer and Learjet, for ex- ample, and structural parts for Westwinds, Falcons and Citations. Vieux maintains the company’s versatility is key. “What’s great is that our rotables and exchange pool services are wrapped into our company identity as a whole. Not everybody will want new parts all the time; neither will they au- tomatically go the rotables route. It depends on the situation. We’re here to help the customer in whichever way is best. But you can’t beat good rotables and ex- change parts for value.”