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Great Lakes Aero: Windshields, Windows & Lens’

Whether you manufacture 5 aircraft or 1,000 aircraft a year, Great Lakes Aero Products is able to meet most aircraft manufacturers windshield and window needs, without delays that are within our control. If you have 10 different aircraft models or just one model, our parts will exceed your expectations...

Our customers realize that quality matters, and when they get our parts, there should only be a minimum if any trimming to install a window. Everyone knows that aircraft do vary from one aircraft to another, even today most aircraft are hand built and hand fitted.

Aircraft manufacturers who buy from us demand the consistency and quality that they themselves adhere to and only Great Lakes Aero Products can supply.

It is not just the materials we use, it is our attention to detail and our willingness to make our parts right, without skimping on quality.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that we make what they need, make it right, and keep costs down.

Shape AND trim. Nothing is worse than not knowing what you’re going to get in your next shipment. We strive for consistency with your project. We guarantee that your parts MEET or EXCEED the specifications
you supply.

Our skilled tool and die makers have more than 40 years combined experience. Only with good tools you get good results.

The bottom line is there are a few companies that can do what we do, but we believe and our customers know that we do it best. More manufacturers are coming to Great Lakes Aero Products for one simple reason: we make the best parts... period.