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Has Learning to Fly Has Been a Passion of Yours?

• Have you always thought that it was out of reach due to finances, health, etc?
• Are you a pilot that has been away from flying for a while and needs a refresher course?
• Come find out what AB Flight has to offer with their Sport Pilot program.

The Sport Pilot program could be right up your alley! Give us a call today and start flying in no time!
Should you have any questions about achieving a Sport Pilot certificate, be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions section at for some of the most common questions prospective pilots ask.

At AB Flight we exclusively use the Evektor line of Light Sport Aircraft for its unsurpassed strength, reputation, and comfort. We operate out of the Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport 7 days a week.
Led by our Chief Flight Instructor Art Tarola, who has well over 7000 flight hours, AB Flight has helped hundreds of people gain their wings.

At AB Flight, we are with you from start to finish in achieving your Sport Pilot certificate. We offer everything from Ground School training material, the Practical Test. AB Flight is also an authorized Alien Flight Student Training Provider as approved by the TSA.

Light Aviation Edition June 2012

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