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Herber Aircraft Service Announces New Lighter and Smaller Diameter AE866 Hose

Herber Aircraft Service’s new Lightweight Silicone Integral Hose is approved to the same FAA TSO data and has the same fit, form, and function as Herber’s Blue Silicone Integral Hose.

The new Lightweight hose weighs less and requires less space than the current hose. The benefits are weight savings and a much smaller Outer Diameter (OD), allowing for more efficiency and equivalent per- formance where space is tight. It also has the same fire protection qualities and operating pressure, at 1,500 psi, as the Blue Integral hose.

Since 1978 Herber Aircraft Service has been your manufacturer and repair center for superior qual- ity FAA-approved harnesses and hoses. Herber is the largest distributor of Eaton Aeroquip fluid conveyance products, and a distributor of Flexfab, LORD, and Thermoid parts. You won’t find a better, more cost- effective source for the parts you need to keep flying.