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Honda Jet Utilizes GPU from Batesfield GPU for Production and First Flight!

The staff of BatesField GPU were pleasantly surprised to learn that a BATESFIELD GPU was utilized in the internet video of HondaJet’s first fl ight of their FAA conforming aircraft on December 20, 2010, in Greensboro, North Carolina. BatesField GPU was happy to be a part of a historic step in Honda’s aerospace program. In addition to providing to HondaJet Aircraft, BatesField GPU has also provided to other aircraft manufactures and their stations such as Eclipse Aviation, Learjet, McCauley Propellers, Pilatus, and Kodiak’s Quest Aircraft. Aside from aircraft manufacturers, BatesField has provided GPU equipment to various governmental agencies and contractors.

BatesField GPU takes delight in having corporate customers and users that range from private owners with only one aircraft to large companies such as Coca Cola/Coke, BP Energy, and Chevron/Texaco with fleets of aircraft on many continents including Antarctica.

Customers of BatesField GPU have been telling them that there are certain late model aircraft that will accept a BatesField GPU, however will not accept a Hobart GPU. According to Startpac, several owners contacted them and stated that their new helicopter would not accept a 28 volt Start Pac. First time customers as well as repeat customers of BatesField GPU have the confidence that they are receiving a GPU that will work on even the most sensitive aircraft as some of the later models are. These customers want the best quality of equipment on the market that is at an affordable price.