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A Husky Puts the Backcountry at Your Door

Husky is a classic tail-dragger able to land on short, rough airstrips, fields and in pastures. The Husky’s astoundingly short takeoff and landing capabilities (STOL) let you takeoff in as few as 200 feet and land in only 300 feet. 60% Span semi-fowler flaps allow shorter take-offs and landings.

Designed to carry two individuals and a hefty cargo load, The Husky also possesses a fuel capacity that allows for full-day flying to reach the distant territories.

The Husky’s practical CG (Center of Gravity) Envelope, the largest in its class, is designed to let you stow more and carry more - and do it safely.

No Spades - Our aileron has no spade. The aileron is mass and aerodynamically balanced. The aileron has a deeper chord and shorter span.

Designed to provide three settings, 10°, 20° and 30°, the handle activates the flaps with considerably shorter travel. The leverage point for deployment is always in front of the pilot. The handle offers better leverage, takes less effort and is less cumbersome to operate.

Aviat Aircraft has FAA approval for shock-absorbing landing gear for their popular A-1C Husky. The gear will be standard equipment on all three versions of the Husky: those equipped with the 160, 180 and 200 hp engines. The 180 and 200 hp models have also been granted a 50-pound gross weight increase. The new landing gear virtually eliminates landing bounce.

Volume 35, Issue No. 4 • April 2013