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Interested in Attending the Repairman Inspection Workshop? Here’s How...

Rainbow Aviation Services has been offering the 2 day (16 hour) Repairman Inspection Course for Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) for Airplane, Weight Shift, Powered Parachute and Glider since 2004. Successful completion of the course will allow you to perform annual condition inspections on any E-LSA in the assigned “class” of the selected course (airplane, weight shift, powered parachute or glider) which you own or purchase in the future. You do not have to be the builder. You simply have to have successfully completed the 16 hour training course for LSA Repairman Inspection. Note that the FAA does not allow mixing of attendees within a given course; each course must be dedicated to a single aircraft class (airplane, glider, weight-shift or powered parachute). For example, if you fly two different classes of aircraft, say airplane and weight shift, then you will have to take one 16 hour repairman inspection course for weight shift and another 16 hour repairman inspection course for airplane.

Classes are normally scheduled near the weekend. Saturday and Sunday, Friday and Saturday or Sunday and Monday, 8:00 to 5:00. However, some classes are scheduled on weekdays following an aviation event.

Currently Rainbow Aviation continues to offer these classes throughout the United States by demand. Prior to the E-LSA registration/certification deadlines in 2009, demand for these courses was very high. Once a pilot receives this training and Repairman Certificate, it is good for life. There is no requirement for renewal or recurrent training. After the initial demand between the years 2004–2009 the courses have been offered further apart in both time and location. Participants today can expect to have to travel further and wait longer for a Repairman Inspection Course.

For example, during 2004–2009 we held as many as 8 classes a year at our home base in California. Now we are only offering the course once a year in California. It is common for participants to travel from other states to attend a course. So if there is a course in your corner of the United States, we highly recommend you take full advantage of that. We offer the courses before or after air show events such as the Light Sport Expo in Sebring, Florida and Sun N Fun in Lakeland, Florida. Additionally, we have created an email contact list and notify those interested in a particular corner of the United States when a course is scheduled. Simply email to be added to this contact list. Be certain to specify which aircraft class you are interested in: airplane, glider, weight-shift or powered parachute.

There are individuals who arrange for their airport or club to provide facilities for one or more of these workshops. This is a convenient way to attend the course in your hometown, avoiding expensive travel and lodging costs! And even better... you are not responsible for trying to gather a group. It just takes a facility. We have a large contact list and an effective method to advertise the course to Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) owners in your area. Since we are advertising to new aircraft owners and those who have missed the 100’s of courses offered before 2009, hosting a course may take anywhere from six months to one year to plan and schedule.

Interested in hosting a course? The following is the information you need to get started:


Host club or individual should work with Rainbow Aviation Services to provide any needed equipment and supplies for the course, which may include: Screen or wall space for projection, white board and markers and an aircraft for the practical session. A classroom setting is not necessary, as lectures and demonstrations will take place in a hangar. However, it is best if we have both a hangar and classroom facility. The course must take place at a time when there are no other activities in the classroom area.


This Repairman Inspection Course is a specialized course with limited seating. The cost of the course typically runs $375.00 per person depending on the cost of airline tickets and shipping fees to your location.

There is no charge to the host club to hold a course in their facility.

Each participant will pay a $375.00 registration fee to attend the course.

All attendees should pre-register with Rainbow Aviation Services. Registration closes when there are 16 participants. Payment for the course is due at the time of registration. Participants may phone, fax or email their registrations. Pre-registration is important to ensure the course can be held!

If there are less than 10 pre-registrations for the course, the course date will be moved back or will be cancelled and registration fees returned.

Cancellations will be determined following the registration deadline, which is six weeks prior to the course.

The first step in planning a course is locating a facility with a classroom and hangar. The facility should be a classroom – minimum size 24 x 24. The FAA requires photos of the facilities which should be submitted by email to info@rainbowaviation. com. We will then file the necessary paperwork with the FAA for the course approval. Once we have the location approved, the next step is to secure an aircraft to be used for the practical sessions. (The practical is inspection only - we will only be looking at the aircraft NOT performing any tasks).

Rainbow Aviation Services will promote the course in a variety of ways and determine interest in your area. When we have 8 to 12 participants on the list, we will set a date and then open registration for the course. Clubs may request a pre-registration period for their members before we open the course to the aviation community. All courses are limited to 16 participants.

After a date is set and we have 10 prepaid registrations, we will purchase our airline tickets and ship supplies, tools, books and class binders to the address you provide. We will arrive two days before the course and we will need access to the facility to set up on the day before the scheduled course date.

We invite you to call or email us if you need any additional information or if you have any questions.



Light Aviation Edition February 2012

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